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Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Goal And Pursuit
Revitalization of enterprises,improve efficiency,improve staff life quality. Regard max the value of customer benefits and max the corporate growth of company as the win-win goal.Use 10-20 years to make our enterprises become the crushing field domestic leading and international well-known enterprises.
Enterprise Spirit
Love factory patriotic,hard-working,honest and trustworthy,solidarity and mutual assistance are the spiritual source of our enterprise.Love work, love life are our common outlook.Our code of conduct are serious,responsible,practical and realistic.
Enterprise Purpose
Survive by quality,development by reputation.
Quality Policy
Quality first, reputation first, safe and high-efficient.
Social Responsibility
Our staffs are good employees in the company,good husband at home and good family,law-abiding,with social morality in the community,to do a good citizen.Our company regards“serve the country by industry”as their responsibility.Hard-work for the prosperity of our great motherland and for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,also for the location of regional development and prosperity.
Management Philosophy
Scientific,rigorous,high-efficient,people-oriented,continuous innovation, pursuit higher efficiency are our management philosophy.It will continue to inspire us to pursue excellence,to create the perfect.
Management Idea
People-oriented, technology enterprise.
Provide customers with leading technology,products,more excellent quality and service,higher price performance ratio to pursue the industry's first leading position.
Human resources
We consider that the most important factor in all conditions is human.Hold a hard style,high quality,highly dedicated employees team are the greatest wealth of enterprises.Respect knowledge,respect for individuality,advocating revolutionary heroism,no compromise with the active employees,pay attention to do the teamwork and collective struggle are the cornerstone of our enterprise human resources culture.
Benefit Distribution
We believe that education is not equal to the ability,diploma level is not equal to the ability,ability is first.We advocate regards the customer,partner,society to form a profit community,from the profit should regard the customer is first,dealer second,the company third.For out double-win,all win are our highest pursuit.On the implementation of the promotion of the development of productive forces to promote the development of the elements of incentive mechanism.Dedication should get reasonable return.
Pursuit Profit
Our pursuit of profit maximization,the company profit maximization, compliance with the core competitiveness of enterprises and sustainable development of enterprises,should accord with the company values, rather than simply maximizing.
Research and development of science and technology
Our goal: In the field of technology,we can enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises effectively,absorb the world's outstanding achievements and advanced technology,learn from the excellent enterprises in the same industry,create grinding engineering,mechanical manufacturing,metal materials,advanced technology fields have distinct enterprise core competitiveness of its own core technology system.
Learning Organization
The company and the value of people are very important through learning to get.We insist on the value of human capital should be more than the company capital appreciation.The company and people's mastery of knowledge always keep the periodical,advocate the staff to promote lifelong learning,the company will become a learning organization is our pursuit goal.Every department,every employee has a clear and rigorous study plan in every year,every quarter,every month.Every department,every employee can get progress and exceed through learning.
Employee Benefits
We have a dream that is what we are going to have the same industry-leading salary,welfare,let each competent staff enter China's middle class team through their own efforts,and outstanding staff will enter the social superior class through their own ingenuity and outstanding contributions .
Corporate Culture
Enterprise is based on the enterprise culture.
Enterprise culture is not only the knowledge,technology, management and sentiment,it contains all the intangible factors that promote the development of productive forces.Any natural resources are exhausted one day, only the enterprise culture can keep the life and growth in nature. The spirit can change into matters,the spirit can be the atomic bomb.We firmly believe that the most outstanding achievement with selfless spirit and realm of superego employees to create, with advanced culture of the enterprise will lead the ahead of its time.