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Reach Standards & Production

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Reach standards and production service in Jinhao mining machinery include:achieve the expected recovery rate,achieve the choosen plant design and production capacity of the yield and the quality of the products reach requirements for customers,the consumption indicators fit for the requirements,the production costs can be controlled effectively,the process equipments can operate stably.
Ⅰ.Reach standards and production is the key---Recovery
Reach standards and production is《 the basis for the feasibility study report》 on the investment estimation and economic benefit,it is directly related to the customer's vital interests, it may be said is essential.
The key lies in the quality and output of the recovery rate can guarantee. When put into operation recovery did not reach the expected value,it is make great effects for significance to the effectiveness of the plant selection,take typical of precious metals as gold,silver,the recovery rate in each one percent for plant means millions or even tens millions of benefit, Guaranteed recovery rate is the core issue for the plant selected.
Recovery rate can not achieve the expected value include: the nature changes of the ore; grinding ore fineness is not enough, the concentration is too high or too low; pharmaceutical properties becomes poor or wrong dosage; flotation time is not enough;huge slime content;the mechanical properties is not achieve to the requirements.These problems including operation,equipment and materials;it is maybe one question affecting the recovery rate,it is also maybe several problems.Therefore,for traditional contracting construction plant, when the recovery rate problems happens, shirk responsibility, affecting the plant put into operation time seriously.
Jinhao mining services for the recovery rate can guarantee to achieve the desired value,above any kinds of problem that affects the recovery rate reached the expected value solved by Jinhao responsibility,allow customers to plant put into operation,reach standardand production.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
After all the work of the factory completed,Jinhao will visit conduct a regular return,to provide customer after-sales service technical support,to ensure that customers can quickly solve the problem of selecting the factory,avoid parking for a long time caused accident.For customer selection of the plant equipment,Jinhao can provide a year warranty, if the equipments happen any problems will be responsible for solving.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.