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User Training

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User training: After implemented the project,train the user for using.
User training and install adjustment should procee at the pace,to save time and cost for the costomers. User training has two purposes:The first one is to put plant into production as soon as possible,create produce benefit;the second one is to train their own technical team for the customer, to provide protection for the normal operation of the plant.
The technicians from Jinhao are responsible for training workers,they are the installation and commissioning of technical backbone team,the technical backbone of the perennial work in the first line,the practical experience is so rich,the benefit is in training to give some important details that pay not attention to but extremely to workers.These experienced technicians from Jinhao train the customer’s plant workers mainly in 3 areas of training:
1.Train all operator workers involved the mineral processing technology personals.
2.Train all the mineral processing equipment,mineral processing technology in the selection of the common problems in the operation of the plant training for the workers to demonstrate the solution.
3.Train the operators to operate the operating experience of the guide training,this step requires the workers to operate the machine for many times to master the practice of the machine.
Through the above three aspects of training,the operator can know well about the Beneficiation Technology(crush granularity,reagent added,etc.)and processing equipment the operation of skilled,the customers have their own technical teams,we can guarantee the processing plant in operation does not appear accident to stop for a long time.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Jin Hao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.