Jinhao Mining Machinery answers: 34 questions of grinding operations


Jinhao Mining Machinery answers: 34 questions of grinding operations

1、What are the types and significant features of mills?

  A: According to the different mill media are divided into: media for steel balls, called ball mills; media for steel rods called rod mills; media for gravel called gravel mills; their own ore for media called self-mill, since the mill and then add the right amount of steel balls, constitute the so-called semi-self-mill.

  According to the shell shape and ore discharge method, ball mill is divided into short cylindrical, tubular, conical overflow discharge and lattice discharge, rod mill is also divided into cylindrical overflow discharge and open low level discharge, self-mill or semi-self-mill is mainly short cylindrical.

  2、What is the method of mill specification?

  A: The expression method is: diameter x length, expressed by the symbol D x L, such as 2700 x 2100mm ball mill, then its diameter is 2700mm and length is 2100mm.

  3、Briefly describe what is the crushing process of the mill to the ore?

  A: When the mill rotates at a certain speed, it generates centrifugal force, which causes friction between the medium and the cylinder, and rotates together with the cylinder, and when it reaches a certain height, its own gravity exerts a strong centrifugal force, it will be thrown down from the cylinder, thus crushing the ore. At the same time, due to the sliding phenomenon inside the medium, the ore also has a grinding effect. Under the action of the impact and grinding force of the medium, the ore is also crushed.

  4、How many kinds of trajectories are there for the media in the mill?

  A: There are three types of trajectories: ①, cascade (at low speed); ②, throw down (at normal speed); ③, centrifugal operation (the media and the cylinder trajectory).

  5、What is the law of motion of the medium in the mill?

  A: There are four main points as follows: ①, when the mill is running at a certain speed, the media in the centrifugal force, gravity under the action of regular circular motion; ②, grinding media in the barrel of the trajectory, by the upward movement of the circular trajectory and parabolic trajectory of the downward movement composed of; ③, each layer of media rise to a different height. The outermost layer to the innermost layer of the media height in descending order; ④, each layer of the media rotation cycle is different, the closer to the inner layer, the shorter the rotation cycle.

  6, what is the critical speed, its calculation method?

A: In production, the speed at which the outermost grinding media starts to "centrifugal operation" is usually called the "critical speed" of the mill. The calculation method is as follows Critical Speed




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