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    The compartment plate of ball mill is separated the cylinder for numbers of compartments.The first chamber is used for coarse grinding of materials,the last two compartments are used as a fine grinding mill for materials.
    Function of ball mill compartment plate:
    (1). Separate the grinding body:make the average size of the positions of the grinding body to maintain the coarse grinding to fine grinding gradually reduced,in order to adapt to the material grinding process of coarse grain size, fine grain with a reasonable principle.
    (2).Sieving materials:The partition plate slot can make the material resistance larger particles of coarse grinding and stay inside the warehouse, which continue to impact crushing.
    (3). Control the material and airflow velocity in the mill : Slot width, width, length, area, the lowest position and grate seam arrangement, these factors will have a great effect on grinding inner material filling degree, material and airflow speed and ball material ratio. The adverse effect of the ball mill on the ventilation should be eliminated as far as possible.
    Type of ball mill compartment plate:
    (1).Single layer compartment plate:there are several fan-shaped compartment plates.The big end is fixed on the barrel body by bolts,the small end is fixed with center disc and other plate connected together.It has been grinding the material to less than hole size,in the promotion of new feed materials,through the slot into next bin.Single compartment is composed of fan-shaped plates, with the center plate as a whole.The structure of discharge lattice board with short tube type ball mill is similar to that of the vibration mill, used for the second and third compartment plates of the ball mill.
    (2).Double-layer compartment plates:consist of the former general grate and blind plate,arranged the lifting feed device in the middle.The material through the grate plate into two plates,by lifting feed device will be mentioned on the cone material center into the next warehouse.The system is forced to discharge, the flow rate is fast, and it is not affected by the filling rate of the front separating plate and back,and is convenient for filling ratio and the match ball. The double layer compartment plates divided into transition type,lifting and powder feeding type.Double layer compartment plates are divided into the transfer and lifting types. Transition bin type double layer compartment plates are composed of an annular ring, blind plate, fixed grate and a center circular plate and other parts. When the slurry surface of the first bin of the pipe mill is higher than that of the annular fixed ring, the slurry flows into the double bin partition board, so that stop the machine and clean quickly.
    This double diaphragm is only used for wet raw rod mill. Grate grate hole size and hole partition plate arrangement should be determined depending on the specific circumstances.In general,grate hole width of partition plate,first warehouse,second warehouse,third warehouse.Compartment plates are consist of fan-shaped grate plates, grate hole in the sector plate arrangement and ball mill discharging grid plate of the grate hole arranged are similar,The arrangement types are homocentric circle,tilt and radiation shape etc.
    Design principle of ball mill compartment plates
    Under the premise of metal strength and slot width:
    1. The more grate holes on the compartment plates,the better it will be, the bigger material area the better it will be;
    2. The thinner of the compartment plates the better it will be;
    3.The more smooth of grate hole, the better it will be.
    Due to the casting defects,density and other issues,the casting performance is not as good as hot rolled alloy steel,so Jinhao machinery manufacturers believes that choose high priority high strength and high quality alloy steel plate machining into high precision, smooth grate hole, and under the protection of carbon potential quenching and low temperature tempering.Only in this way,we can get a comprehensive performance excellent ball mill compartment plate.
    Selection principle of ball mill compartment plate
    Single chamber mill is greater than multi compartments mill,ventilation and discharging capacity and no mill diaphragm plate occupy effective grinding and metal material consumption.Do the screen analysis curve in the mill when sampling,it will find that the two sides of the bin plate material is often empty. This is a practical experience,how to avoid these problems?It is best to conclude that use no compartment plate. However, due to the grinding of the grinding body is difficult to achieve classification, the abolition of the warehouse board is indeed difficult to do.Facing this phenomenon,Jinhao machine think of many ways,adopt the powerful grinding pretreatment of pulverizing system,grinding material can be controlled in the p80<1.5mm, s>150m2/kg, which the material level is higher than that in the past by across the board positions into second warehouse.





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